Justice for Colombia: An Open Letter to Barry Sheerman MP

On December 4th the House of Commons voted on a draft order to support the European Union’s trade deal with Colombia—a deal strongly rejected by Amnesty International, the entire trade union movement and Human Rights Watch.

The Coalition MPs voted en masse in favour of it, deciding to reward Colombia with a trade deal despite having an appalling human rights record and a long-standing campaign of persecuting trade unionists in the country.

48 of the paltry 49 Labour MPs that decided to turn up to vote did, to their credit, vote against it. The one solitary Labour MP who voted in favour of rewarding Colombia with this trade deal was Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman.

Here is an Open Letter to Barry Sheerman demanding an explanation of his vote that trade unionists here in Huddersfield and in Colombia deserve.

Justice for Colombia is a UK trade union sponsored campaign to bring justice to Colombian trade unionists. We urge you all, and Mr. Sheerman, to take a look after you’ve read the letter.

In Solidarity.

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