Huddersfield Socialist History Tour

   Tour Guide                Cormac  Kelly            Local Historian 

Huddersfield has a rich working class history which every person in the town needs to know about. The Tour goes around the town centre showing the places and buildings of historical significance for working people. So we look at various places associated with the Luddite movement, the anti-war organisation of women and the growth of the Co-op. In the 1930s local young socialists fought Oswald Mosley and some went to Spain to fight in the Civil War                                                                                                      We look at the site of the terrible fire at Booths where almost fifty workers died; Huddersfield’s worst disaster of the second world war and see the hall of Science built by Robert Owen                                                                                                                     

Please join us and learn about the struggle for a decent life and socialism in this town.

Date    Saturday 4th June 2022

 Time        1.00 pm                                 

  Meet       Harold Wilson Statue, St George’s Square HD1 1JB

   Duration     3 Hours                                      

Donations Welcome                 

             Everyone is Welcome

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